• We expect interviewers to keep 15 minutes to discuss feedback with the candidate.
  • Please provide authentic, written feedback after the interview by email.
    • We expect interviewers to send written feedback via email within 24h (please cc
    • Here’s our recommended template: link.
    • Please attach it as a file in your feedback email.
  • All interviews (including feedback) must be at least 1h long.
  • Since we conduct interviews online, you and the candidates can share codes via any tools you like. We expect interviewers to connect with candidates proactively and set up everything.
  • Please do not disclose any confidential information or IP about your company. Also, respect the NDA of the candidates.


  • Please email us for any changes to your availability.
  • We send payments via Paypal. We will use feedback emails to count complete interviewers from the past week.

Reschedule policy

Check our interview reschedule/cancel policy for details.

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